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Simply Natural Nutrition: Nutritious & Delicious

Zana PaliComment
Simply Natural Nutrition: Nutritious & Delicious

People constantly ask me what I do to keep fit and squeeze into all those beautiful dresses... The ugly truth (please don't hate me for it) is not much at all! My work keeps my brain active and constantly in training but my body does miss out. With summer around the corner though I recently decided it was time for a health kick! Not to lose weight or 'get skinny', but to just feel healthy and energized again! I joined the gym and about 15 minutes into my first personal training session I could barely breathe and just wanted to sneak out of there when my trainer wasn't looking and go get a nice lunch instead.

Pizza, chips, burgers and thick-shakes all put a huge smile on my dial (that you know I cannot hide) but the enjoyment really is short-lived as I always end up feeling bloated, lethargic and so low in energy that I need a nap. It is no secret that I love my food, and unfortunately it is normally the best tasting foods that are the worst for your health.

HOWEVER, I have learnt this week that not all food follows the same rules.; you can have yum that is good for your bum after all! It started off with ‘Pro-Oats’ from Simply Natural Nutrition… My husband said skipping breakfast is the worst thing I can do for my health and was the main reason I had absolutely no energy during the day; mornings on an empty stomach, and my afternoons feeling tired as my heavy lunch digested. I tucked into a bowl of Protein Oats one morning before gym and my trainer couldn’t believe I had actually finished my set work-out easily, the same one I almost died and quit half-way through just two days prior! Witnessing such an obvious difference has meant that I have not turned back. Each morning, be it before work or gym, I jump straight to their low G.I goodness and even get a bit fancy! Add some cinnamon or cocao, a dash of coconut milk, drizzle of honey, fresh mango, berries or kiwifruit! I think I may actually enjoy breakfast more than lunch now?! This delicious and quick start to my morning now packs a punch; they are 100% Australian, quality natural ingredients including the Whey Protein with added colostrum, vitamins and minerals.

Spurred on by my progress and the quick changes it had made to my energy I wanted to try some other nutritional products. I bought a smoothie blender and tried a few different combos of ingredients, struggling to make spinach and kale taste good. No amount of berries, mango, honey or apple juice could save it for me until I tried Simply Natural Nutrition’s ‘Organic Super Green Alkalizing Formula’! All of a sudden my green hulk smoothie started to taste more like delicious, fresh, granny smith apples and less like a cold brew of grass clippings mixed with leftover broccoli soup! I still don’t know how something so healthy can taste so good and I am not even going to try to explain. I am no scientist, I am a lawyer with an extremely low tolerance for bad food! But these products spoke for themselves.

After reaching out to the company whose products had pleasantly surprised me I was given another 100% natural product to try; Protein Mousse. Their specialty I was told? I have always watched my husband and my brothers having protein powders and workout supplements that smelt like starburst lollies (yum) sitting in a vat of chemicals (not so yum). They did force me to try some protein once and ‘fake’ would be the only word that comes to mind when I try to remember the taste (that I tried to forget). So despite their other products being winners, I was sceptical about this Protein Mousse being anything to write home about. I know how difficult it is to make a velvety, silky, rich chocolate mousse, and how easy it is to stuff it up; so imagine my face when I took two scoops of ‘powder’ out of a jar, whisked it together with a fork with some water and after 60 seconds was scoffing down exactly that!? This cannot be. It was so surprisingly delicious that I whipped up one for Gianni to try too and now we are both hooked!

I just loved the flavour of their choc-coconut mousse, reminded me of a lamington, and it tasted so good I didn’t even care what was in it. Then Gianni (reading labels like he always does) tells me that each serve actually contains 27g of slow releasing protein plus natural fat burning ingredients like

Garcinia, coffee & green tea extracts so it is only 1.4g of fat and 5g of carbs! Naturally Sweetened with Stevia and no added sugars, it really is the healthiest guilty pleasure I have ever had. Guess who has thrown out his fake protein powders and chemicals now and ordered their Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu flavours?

The lovely folks at Simply Natural are based in Melbourne and have agreed to provide a 10% discount for any customers using the code ‘ZANA10’ on their online shop! Get some delivered straight to your door and whip up some mousse that I am sure Pete Evans would be proud of.

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Xoxo Zana