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Destination: Mykonos

Zana PaliComment
Destination: Mykonos

There are not many things in this world that can get me out of a comfy Hilton hotel bed before 7am... the Greek Islands though are certainly part of that list. 

Our trip to Mykonos departs from the Mediterraneans biggest sea port; Athens Pireaus, aboard the SeaJets 'Champion Jet'. The boat is huge, which normally means there will be no sea sickness; in fact we spent the 2 hour trip in comfort sipping coffees and snacking on some traditional spanakopita as we witnessed the chariots of Apollo carry the beautiful golden sun into the sky (I'm not fluent but I am pretty sure that's Greek for 'sunrise').

Our private transfer awaited us at the port, a black luxury 4WD which whisked us along the coastal road and set the scene for our entire stay at the breathtaking 'Kivotos' hotel. We had heard some great things about this hotel, but not even those rave reviews prepared us for what was to come. Our 1 bedroom suite was perfection. A marble bar and living area, makeup vanity, two widescreen TV's (with another in the bathroom above the Jacuzzi) and our four-post bed complete with white sheer drapes. All the modern luxuries with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the piece-de-resistance, our very own glass walled, private balcony pool! 

As you would expect in a luxury, five star, boutique hotel, all of the rooms are different but all are filled with modern art and furniture and capture breathtaking views of the bay. Uniquely though, the 'Prince' of Mykonos sun-bakes all day proudly in front of the Kivotos hotel; and no, I don't mean there is literally royalty sleeping out front (although I wouldn't be surprised). 'Prince' is the name of the sailing yacht owned by the hotel which can be chartered by guests to sail around the islands in private luxury. Unfortunately, with only two days to spare in Mykonos there is too much private luxury to enjoy on land at our hotel so we may just have to return to Mykonos to see what Prince has to offer.

The hotel pool and swim-up bar cascades down to a private beach with more romantic hideaways than a honeymooner could ask for. Our first nights dinner was had at the very private and exclusive Kivotos restaurant at the top of the hotel. A tri-colour homemade fettuccine with creamy chicken sauce to start followed by sous-vide chicken and cous-cous and the most tender lamb cutlets ever eaten accompanied by a traditional tasting but beautifully presented moussaka. Ice-cream filled profiteroles with caramel sauce almost made us pop but were too good to leave. Watching the 8pm sunset with delicious offerings is already becoming a habit that will be hard to shake! 

The breakfast buffet was delicious and vast to accommodate the discerning multi-cultural tourists who frequent hotels like this. We had to eat lightly however as not even two gym work-outs could undo the damage we would do at 'Bill and Coo' restaurant later that day (more on that amazing venue here!). A trip to Mykonos isn't complete unless you trek through the shops of Mykonos town so we opted for a quad-bike day-hire and drove into town for some shopping. Gianni had to pull me away from the charming little white Louis Vuitton store (plenty of time for that!). A quick drive around the island and back to our hotel for some more sun in our private pool.

The only restaurant seemingly more private and more exclusive in Mykonos than the two we had tried is 'Nero Nero', which fortunately for us, was our venue for our second nights dinner! We booked a table for two well in advance, which is certainly recommended considering this restaurant has only one table! Set on a wooden pontoon off the private beach of our beautiful Hotel Kivotos, our private dinner was adorned by candlelight with chairs fit for a King and Queen and Prince the sail yacht lapping the water just meters away. Let's be honest, with a setting like this you could serve me a vegemite sandwich and I would be satisfied. Alas, our dinner and wine was delicious and on par with the flawless location.

Lucky for me (not for Gianni), Louis Vuitton and most other shops are open until 1am in Mykonos! So a night drive to explore the beauty of the town again was the perfect end to a short but unforgettable first time in Mykonos. A huge thank you to Hotel Kivotos and staff for the memories! 

Tomorrow morning will see us cruising to Santorini so stay tuned!

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